Clean and Clear kan diri mu~!!!

semuanye begini~ korang bace ni ok.

The CLEAN & CLEAR "Top Best Friends Models" search is here!! You and your best friend could be the New Faces of CLEAN & CLEAR!!! It's so simple to join:

1. daftar

2.upload gamba kamu

3. Undi, dan minta kawan2 undi gak tau

Be the top 15 models in your country! Tell your friends to Vote!

Then, the Panel of Juries will choose the country's representative to compete with 6 other Asia countries' representatives in CLEAN & CLEAR Top Best Friend Models 2010.

Objective: Spread awareness to 5,000 youths by sending them to campaign website

Duration: 24/05/2010 onwards

sape yang berminat nak join ni.. sila click kat sini k..=)

Clean and Clear


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