ya...today was wonderful because i've met her!
she's only 3 months, and she looks so cute, and when i relized that i could afford her...
without taking any longer to think, i bought her, bring her home!!!

waaaa....i paid rm85 and 30 cents to get with her..thanks to Uder coz bring me there (ala...mines je pon....) and Atul because she supported me..hehehhee...i have no money..but i have them to make me felt happy!!!

i named her Lenie, because i love Wonderpets..may b next time i will buy a turtle (can i...?) and duck..hehehhe..lengkapkan pakej terus ahli kumpulan wonderpets...

now, while typing, Lenie sit on my lap. looked at her,i felt very happy...
ooo...i told my fiancee after i bought her...takut kalo my fiancee asked me not to buy it first..need to settle many things....huhuhu..
but, when i tell him..he is okay..and he sounds happy that i bought Lenie..hehehe..
thanks sayang..

Lenie, i will taking care of you, just like my other hamsters, cats (comel,sibun n gemok),no worries okay. may be next month or when i feel its the time, i will find a good and handsome husband for Lenie, so that she never felt sooo lonely...:)

now...saya saudah punya pet baru...dan saya sayang dia!!!


.::aDa::. berkata…
hehe mana gamba dia?tunjuk sket..hee
mOlliE berkata…
sat no..nanti molie upload ek..:)
.::aDa::. berkata…
hehe..okay :)

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